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In 1998 six guys from the improv group Mission IMPROVable at UMASS Amherst moved to Chicago, the Mecca of improv, to continue to learn and perform the art of improvisation.

In 2000, they began touring their short form comedy show and in 2001 they performed at NACA (National Association for Campus Activities) and hit it big! They began performing shows at colleges all across the country and eventually had to hire more guys and a van to travel in named “Vanarky.” Then they hired a second generation of touring improvisers, then a third, a fourth and on and on and on…

In 2002, the first handful of M.i. guys came out to Los Angeles to develop a sketch pilot for MTV. Since then, continued to be permanent fixtures on many of LA’s most popular comedy stages.

On April 1st, 2009 (yes, April Fools Day) Mission IMPROVable bought Mi’s Westside Comedy Theater. We embraced the stand-up and improv community, started a training center and on September 2011 we opened our bar. Now serving over 30 plus beers and never a drink minimum!

We are also the official home of the YouTube sensation “Epic Rap Battles of History,” which was born out of the show Check One, Two at the theater.

The owners of the theater still perform regularly every Thursday night at 10PM for free in The Grind; and you can see the home company of the show that started it all, Mission IMPROVable, every Friday and Saturday at 10PM.




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